Types of Metal

/Types of Metal


High Grade: Insulated copper wire that contains a minimum of 75% copper versus insulation




Med Grade: Insulate copper wire that has a minimum of 50% copper versus insulation




Low Grade: Insulated copper wire anything less than 50 % copper versus insulation, such as extension cords, speaker wire, phone line etc.



Bright and Shiny: copper that has been stripped of all insulation, must be thicker than a pencil lead and contain no paint, solder or oxidation.




 Copper #1/pipe: Copper Pipe That Is Clean of Any Paint, Solder and Oxidation.




Copper #2: Copper Wire (smaller than a pencil lead) or pipe that contains solder or oxidation etc.





Sheet aluminum: thin, light weight aluminum such as siding, gutters etc




Extrusion: Molded aluminum such as window framing, screen doors etc.




Cast: a heavier quality aluminum that you find more in automotive parts and or kitchen pots and pans. Cast can with hold more heat than other aluminum.