Metal Consulting

/Metal Consulting

Valley Recycling believes not only in the importance of companies “going green”, but also in the importance of education for individuals and companies on how to make the most money from your recycling.

If you are interested in learning more about recycling and educating your employees, Valley Recycling will send out an on-site metal consultant to do a walk through of your facility in order to determine what materials you have and teach you how to best sort and clean your metals. As a part of this service we will also determine what type of bins and equipment you will need from us in order to make this process simple and beneficial. Valley recycling will pick up all metals and pay you on terms that work best for your company. There are several benefits to using this service such as education, extra money, and pride in the fact that your company is supporting a cleaner, greener environment.

For more information in regards to this service or any other service that might benefit your company please contact us at info@valleyrecylinginc.com.