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CDL refers to construction debris and land clearing. We offer roll off services for your demolition, construction and site development with bin sizes available from 10-48 yards. We will haul metal, concrete, demolition debris, stumps and brush.

Current rates: (These rates are subject to change)

CDL co-mingle construction debris    98.50 p/ton
Asphalt shingles roofing     98.50 p/ton
Demo debris/remodel/renovation     100.00 / ton
All require AHERA or Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA)

Clean wood – no paint, untreated   – No tip fee
Cardboard drop & pick fee  – No tip fee
Clean concrete/ Clean asphalt   – 10.00 – 25.00 p/ton (depending on size)
Reinforced concrete   – 20.00 – 25.00 p/ton
Truck time   – 85.00 per hour
Drop and pick fees: 150.00 – 350.00 depending on location.

Deposit Required. We also provide bins for ferrous and non ferrous metals at no charge.


Construction debris: refers to co mingled loads from building demolition and renovation projects.
Land clearing debris: this includes stumps, brush and tree limbs, but does not include grass, sod, yard waste, berries or scotch broom.

Clean wood: this category is for loads of 100% wood.  This includes pallets, wire cable spools, plywood, oriented stained board (osb), medium density fiberboard (mfd), particle board, parallam osl and similar products. This wood may also may include embedded metals such as nails or screws. Does not include wood that has been painted, stained or treated.

Reinforced concrete:  concrete containing steel such as re-bar or other metal contaminants.
Demolition clearing of any kind requires proper AHERA inspection documentation.  If asbestos is found in these loads you must provide documentation that materials were removed properly.

Forms can be found at:


Items that contaminate a load: Garbage, hazardous waste, tv’s, monitors, mattresses, propane tanks. If any of these items are found in load you will be subject to all fees involved.

If you have questions about CDL, call us at: 253-288-0000